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Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is a great solution for people struggling with debt or facing imminent collection action. It is affordable and can offer relief of financial issues at one time. Individuals often file bankruptcy for various reasons. The most common reasons people file bankruptcy in Tampa, Florida is due to Credit Card Debt, Medical Bills, Personal Injury, Divorce, Loss of Income and Small Business Loans.

Bankruptcy is may be the best tool to IMMEDIATELY stops the following collection action:

• IRS Bank and Wage Levies
• Judgment Creditor Bank Levies
• Judgment Credit Wage Garnishments
• Seizures
• Foreclosures
• Repossessions

Bankruptcy offers a fresh start. A individual bankruptcy case commences with the filing of the petition, likely a Chapter 7 or 13, voluntarily by debtor.

Each chapter of bankruptcy has advantages and disadvantages and not all debts are dischargeable. In addition, some tax and/or tax liens may remain after your bankruptcy case or may not be dischargeable.  The requirements for tax dischargeability are very complex in bankruptcy.

Jay Maswadi is able to give clients a comprehensive analysis and post-bankruptcy options for any debt that may survive the bankruptcy.

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